Helping Through Giving

Project Blessings is a Tuscaloosa based non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping low income and underprivileged homeowners repair their homes and achieve a better quality of living. Our mission is to help those who desperately need home repairs, but do not have the means to make them happen. Working side by side with the homeowners, volunteer teams of all ages donate their time and energy to transform worn and weathered structures into safe and secure homes where dreams come true.


How It All Began

Project Blessings was launched in the Spring of 2009 when it was brought to our attention that the Tuscaloosa area lacked a non-profit resource to provide homeowners with desperately needed help in making essential residential repairs. This need became apparent to us when we volunteered to help grant the wish of a young girl with serious medical issues who dreamed of having her bedroom renovated. Upon arriving at the work site, we realized that the entire house urgently needed renovation. With help from a grassroots team of volunteers, we raised the necessary funds and refurbished the home. Project Blessings has grown from those inspirational beginnings into a well-respected organization with a broad base of support throughout West Alabama. We are proud of our hometown roots and our mission of service to our fellow citizens.



Apply for Project Blessings

Whether you are applying for yourself or someone close to you, we are pleased that you have turned to Project Blessings. To apply for assistance, email or call and tell us about your situation. Our team of inspectors will request permission to see the property under consideration. Please, make application only for houses that are in serious need of a blessing with no foreseeable options left. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others and provide services that are not duplicated elsewhere